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Sunday Art

Social media – the most loved and hated modern tool. Today, thank god for it.
This morning my mobile phone beeped. New message from my boyfriend. We send each other pictures and videos of cute animals or funny moments. But this time it was something completely different.
The moment I have opened the message and clicked play I am not sure whether I was amazed, stunned or impressed… I guess, it was a mixture of all overwhelming feelings a human being can feel.

I have started typing Andrew Myers into Google immediately. This natural talent blends materials into art the way it seems impossible. My soul has been moved by his 3D screw art. He creates portrait of studs!!! Yes, those studs we mostly use only for constructions.

This gal is incredibly talented and his passion for self-realization is unbelievable. I respect people who goes against all odds. They fill me with energy and give me vibe.

It manifests we shall do what we love. No matter if its some kind of art, work, sport or something else. When it is driven by love, passion and determination it is done well.

Go check out Andrew Myers’ webpage or one of his social media streams. There are tons of beauties like this.

Andrew Myers - Opposites Attract

© Andrew Myers