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Goodbye, Milk

Couple weeks ago, I have decided to watch what I eat and how my body responds to it. I have noticed my body reacts to milk and dairy products differently, but I have never considered it might be caused by processing lactose. There are days I can eat dairy products in all my meals and there are days when even a small yoghurt can make me bloated or gassy for the whole day. Today I have learnt I might be lactose intolerant at some point.

Summer has already arrived in my area, meaning the temperature have not got under 30°C for several days causing hot and like when a storm is brewing air. It is impossible to get your beauty sleep without an AC. Sadly, we do not have any.

Thanks to difficult sleeping conditions and the fact the working week is coming to an end, I woke up extremely exhausted this morning. My concentration and ability to think was at the lowest level you can imagine. Therefore, I needed to a refill of caffeine. My choice fell on iced coffee – it would cool me down and dose up with caffeine.
All iced coffee drinks you can buy in a supermarket include some type of milk. Even when it is a classic black. I believe it is a concentrate of powdered milk or something like that.

Soon enough I regretted my actions. Barely 30 minutes after I chugged the 250ml bottle of iced coffee the result had arrived. My concentration was at the highest but not thanks to the caffeine. I was bloated, had belly pain, cramps and unfortunately even diarrhea. It got uncomfortable, because having such pain anywhere is terrible but being in pain at work is simply…uncomfortable.

Honestly, I am happy I got home in one piece, but the digestive difficulties are remaining. This is a good lecture that I really should listen to my body and avoid dairy products. Especially milk. It is going to be difficult, because I am a vegetarian and my diet consists mostly of cheese and yoghurts. I believe I am lactose intolerant only at some point and I may eat dairy products in limited amount. I guess, there is no other way to find out than to try it out.


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Does anybody suffer with similar problems here? What are your experiences? Is there anything to ease the symptoms (in the case they appear again)? In better case to even stop them? Would drinking a black or herb tea help? Dark chocolate or banana maybe? Or do you have to wait it out till the body gets rids of „the bad stuff “?

I suppose there are a lot of things I must learn now… Since I have been suffering various problems that affect my diet, I am quite nervous about this one. Soon enough there will barely be anything I can eat…



Am I back in the vicious circle?

My love and I had a concert date the other weekend. My favorite punk rapper was in town and I have had the tickets since the first day they were on sale. You can say I was really looking forward to it, lol.
The concert was incredible, full of energy and vibe which charge your batteries instantly. However, I must post some comment on errors that made the experience a little unpleasant.
First of all, promoters should have considered a better venue – too many people at too little space. I know concerts are known for zero private space, bruises all over your body and losing your buddy in the crowd.  Believe me, I am used to it. This was extreme though.
Even though there were seated places, the majority was right in front of the stage. You can imagine how it could look like. I, with my 5 feet 4 inches, was squashed before the gig even started.
I would have survived being squeezed but closing doors at a covered venue with no air condition in summer is unforgivable. I do not want to imagine what could have happened in that heat with no way to get in the middle of the crowd. What’s more, we all created this one common odor no one would buy if it was bottled.
Anyway, the artist was amazing. He is one crazy mofo who does it right. My love and I have enjoyed every second of it. Even this terrible cold I am fighting with now, it was all worth it.
Soaked in sweat, deafened but smiling we tried to catch the last bus home after the gig. It was windy and it rained the time we went outside. Despite the fact I had an umbrella and an extra, clean and dry sweatshirt I ended up sick.
DSCF4828 exI have been having problems with my immunity since last summer. I was sick every  month – sore throat, runny nose, weepy eyes.  The longest period of not having a flu lasted for 4 months. And now, here I am – sick when it is 30°C outside… Isn’t it funny?
I feel like I have tried everything to boost my immune system. I do my best to eat healthy – veggies, fruits, have it all fresh (well, as fresh as you can have it from supermarket), exercise regularly, running, avoiding processed food, vitamin pills, etc. I am even trying to cure myself in a natural way – herbs, teas, lemon and ginger, garlic… And nothing seems to help. Therefore I am forced to swallow the pills…

Before last summer I was not sick for 2 years straight. That was the time when I have started my route of getting healthier, workouts and everything. I would really appreciate any tips of how to get my immune system back on track… The last thing I want to fall back to that vicious circle of being sick for a week every month.