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Back from Vacation

Once again, there was lack of new posts on my freshly set up blog. I apologize from the bottom of my heart and I am going to do my best to get it right this time.
However, you all know summer is a hectic time of the year, especially in terms of time. My boyfriend and I finally had a proper vacation together. We drove down to south coast of Croatia. Sunshine, relax on the beach, reading books, swimming in the sea, summer breeze in the hair and long romantic walks with my love were exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries.
Croatia is truly a magical place on Earth. I cannot really express my true feelings for this country. This was the ninth time I have been to Croatia but the first time in that picturesque town. Small town of Podgora does not have lots of roads or monuments, but it is seated on a small hill right under the Biokovo Mountain. The view gives you chill like you are on a mixed vacation – you can go swimming in the morning and hiking in the afternoon. We did not go for a hike though. But walking those stairs actually felt like hiking. I tried to keep the vacation at least a little bit active. Apart from swimming I fully enjoyed my morning runs by the sea.

Croatia has one of the most delicious cuisines. As all of the coastal countries, their specialties are seafood. I tried a tuna steak with grilled vegetables and it definitely tasted much better than steaks we can buy here in supermarkets. Even their fresh fruits and vegetables are something amazing. The size of them is twice as big as the ones in myIMG_20170801_201141 country. Peaches, grapes tasted like sweet gold and tomatoes were meaty and gigantic. I guess the sun and constant humidity makes great condition to grow. The other days I had a „Greek“ salad with traditional Croatian salty cheese and olives. I love the taste of fresh, not pitted olives. It is addictive.
The advantage of narrow coasts is these little towns are close to each other. One day we went for a longer walk (3,5 km) to a nearby town Tučepi. I know it is a magnificent place, because I have been there three years ago. We had a nice dinner in the marina, walked around the center and walked back. Next day we walked up on a hill to check out the Galeba krila (Pidgeon wings). This monument marks the victory over fascism in the Adriatic Sea.


Galeba krila

Unfortunately, extreme heat caused terrible fire which endangered this tiny town in the middle of June. The forest above the town is almost completely burnt out. We had a closer look on the devastating result of the fire as we walked to Tučepi and around the monument.  I felt so sorry for the residents, but the way they treat each other, the nature around the town and what they have got was simply inspiring.

Our 10 days in this paradise flew by the blink of an eye. Suddenly we were on our drive back to reality. The shock of responsibility and real life was so enormous; I have started to search for another spot for vacation.
All in all, I highly recommend visiting Croatia at least once in a lifetime. It does not matter which place you choose. This country will catch your heart.