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Every Workout is a Lecture

Does it happen to you that every time you are at the gym, go for a run, hike or do any kind of activity, you become wiser? Well, it does to me.

I had a year and a half break from active training because of some health issues. Of course, it was reflected on my body and form. Since I have started visiting the gym more often, I always end up disgusted. I am mad at myself how weak I am and how I lack the strength. Every time I pick up those dumbbells I keep on thinking ‘Where are those times I lifted two time heavier weights and did more reps?’ All these negative thoughts are killing my vibe and love for lifting. I remember how gym was my sanctuary, the only place I felt alive. And now? It means torture.

10347419_10204183288852572_2364968878294607004_nAs I was at the gym the other day, resting between crunches, I realized one thing. When I want to make progress and stay motivated I why am I comparing my actual body to the one at the best form I ever had? It took me almost two years to build THAT „best“ form and I want it back within one workout? Oh dear, you know better. It takes tons of courage, liters of sweat and a bunch of time to get there.

Right now, I must stop comparing myself to a historical figure and start celebrating my progress from now on. I am sure changing the direction of my thoughts from negative to positive will help me to stay on track and be less frustrated. It does not matter how much I lift or how many kilometers I run. I lift. I run. And that is what matters.